Gas or Electric Chainsaw? Who Takes the Lead?

If you’re sitting on the fence and don’t know which type of chainsaw fits your needs the best, maybe this article is going to help you get down with it already. After all, you don’t want to end up with something that is impossible to use or, even worse, fails on you after a while.

Which one is pricier?

When you go shopping, the price tag may be the first thing to strike you, but a chainsaw means a lot more than the initial purchase. Let’s see the details:

  • Initial purchase

Gas chainsaws come with several accessories and do stand out with a more sophisticated structure. This also is seen in the price, as the gas chainsaw are typically more expensive than the average electric chainsaw. You may find lighter gas models which are cheaper and the stronger ones aren’t for the tight budget.


The electric chainsaws may be corded or cordless and they’re cheaper than the gas powered models. Cordless models are more expensive than the corded electric types so it’s better that you know why you need it in the first place.

  • Servicing

Electric chainsaws are cheap to service as opposed to the gas powered ones. You should service the gas powered models on a regular basis as the motor is a lot more complicated.

  • Fuel/oil to use for the engine

You’re going to need fuel for the gas powered chainsaw. The more you use it, the more fuel and oil you’re going to need as well. It’s fundamental to know what and when to oil the gas chainsaw as you don’t want to damage it. You want to oil it for best performance, any now and then.

You’re not going to need to add-on oil on an electrical chainsaw for it to run. You still need to use oil for lubrication, nevertheless. You don’t have to mix it with gas like in the case of gas chainsaw. You need to use it as a lubricant for the chain and bar.

  • Chain lubrication

You’re going to need to use chain oil for both electric and gas powered chainsaws as you need to minimize risk for overheating. Many modern models come with easy access to the chain oil tank and you should fill it every time you’re using the chainsaw.

Long story short, both gas and electric saws need chain bar oil. And you can read more on how to sharpen a chainsaw.

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Which one is more powerful?

The gas chainsaw definitely takes the lead as it stands out with the power. The electric chainsaw isn’t going to handle a big cutting job, and you should only rely on the gas chainsaw in that case. You get more horsepower and cutting torque when using a gas chainsaw. In addition, you don’t even need a plug-in power source in order to use the chainsaw. You get freedom of movement when using a gas chainsaw. This doesn’t mean you cannot find corded electric saw that may give good power, but you shouldn’t rely on it for the heavy-duty jobs.

What about size and weight?

Lightweight and compact, the electric chainsaws are really easy to carry around. Gas chainsaws are a bit bigger than the electric models and they’re far from being lightweight. If you don’t have the body strength, they’re quite cumbersome to use. They’re not the best choice for a minor job, for sure.

Gas powered chainsaws are heavier and bigger, whereas the electric models are lightweight. As the electric models don’t come with a gas tank, it only makes sense that they’re lighter. They’re the best choice for the inexperienced ones and the senior persons.

Easy to use or highly portable?

In terms of ease of use, both types are fairly easy to handle by most. As long as you choose the right model for the job and for your strength, you shouldn’t have any difficulties using the chainsaw per se.

When it comes to portability, it’s the gas powered chainsaw that wins the competition. The more powerful electric chainsaw is going to need an electrical extension cord so you’re definitely not going to be able to use one in the middle of nowhere. One may say that you can still take a battery-powered chainsaw. No cords, no fuel fumes to handle, right? Let’s not forget that the battery life is going to end at some point so you’re definitely going to be able to use it for as long as you need.

…and the winner is?

Both models come with ups and downs so the best way to decide is to take a good look at your needs, skills and body strength. If you’re not going to go every day in the woods for some wood and only use a chainsaw any now and then, the electric type is the natural option. When you’re in for the heavy-duty jobs, you can put your money at stake with the gas models.